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Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc.
1785 Voyager Avenue
Simi Valley
CA 93063-3349

Phone: +1 805 584 4100
Fax: +1 805 578 3400

Key Meggitt Safety Systems departments and contacts

    Contracts MSSI-Contracts@meggitt.com
    Marketing MSSI-Marketing@meggitt.com
    Support MSSI-Support@meggitt.com
    Analyzer Support MSSI-AnalyzerSupport@meggitt.com
    Cable Support MSSI-Support@meggitt.com
    Customer Service MSSI-Support@meggitt.com

    Sales/Marketing: Includes aircraft/industrial sales and marketing, contracts, product support and customer service.

    Engineering: Includes joint aircraft/industrial electrical and mechanical design, drafting, computer-aided design, document controls, and engineering labs, as well as R&D.

    Materials Management: Includes planning, purchasing, stores, shipping and receiving.

    General Administration: Includes company president, human resources, accounting, information technologies and training.

    Maintenance: Includes storage of supplies and equipment for janitorial, building and grounds maintenance purposes.

    Quality Assurance: Includes quality engineering and receiving inspection.

    Pneumatic Detector Manufacture: Includes mechanical assembly operations, hydrogen brazing to produce hermetic assemblies, mass-spec leak detection, TIG welding, oxyacetylene torch brazing, chemical hydriding, flame performance testing, and computer-controlled environmental testing from -65F to 900F.

    Electronic Manufacture: Includes mechanical assembly operations, wave soldering, freon and aqueous cleaning, computer-controlled environmental testing, smoke chamber testing, optical detector calibration, and automated functional testing.

    Machine Shop: Primarily prototype development and tailored fabrication of processing equipment. Includes an assortment of equipment to accommodate most fabrication requirements.

Aviation Park West
Bournemouth International Airport
BH23 6EW


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